Welcome to Preston Reed Photography

Welcome to my photography site!
I work in both colour and black & white, capturing scenes and images from around the world as well as in the area where I live on the south west coast of Scotland.
All my work is printed to the highest quality standards by the award-winning Loxley Colour Labs, based in Glasgow. The prints are mounted by the Green Jam frame shop, which has been in business in my town since 1978. 
For the portrait or landscape mounted and signed print, the dimensions are: 16 x 20 inches or 16.5 x 12 inches
The square mounted and signed print dimensions are 16 x 16 inches
If you see a print here that you’d like in a different size, or have any other questions or requests, please contact me directly at prestonreed@prestonreed.com
Feel free to browse my work! Orders will be shipped, insured and tracked to anywhere in the world. 
Thank you for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you 😊

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